Weigh Scales for Monitoring Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
Engineering and Administrative Recommendations for Water Fluoridation, 1995

"Day tanks or direct acid-feed carboys/drums should be located on scales; daily weights should be measured and recorded. Volumetric measurements, such as marking the side of the day tank, are not adequate for monitoring acid feed systems."

"Scales must be provided for weighing the amount of chemicals used in the dry feeder."



Water Fluoridation Principles and Practices, Third edition:

"In any fluoridation installation, except one based on a sodium fluoride saturator, scales are necessary for weighing the quantity of dry material to be used in preparing the solution, the quantity of solution fed, or the quantity of fluoride compound or hydrofluosilicic acid delivered by the appropriate feeder." -Page 26

"Alarms: To prevent underfeeding or loss of feed, alarm systems can be included in either solution or dry feed systems. The alarm alerts the operator when the level of solution in the day tank is low or when it is time to add chemical." -Page 30

Pamphlet 1, "The Chlorine Manual"

"Weighing-Because chlorine is shipped as a compressed liquefied gas, the pressure in a container depends on the temperature of the chlorine. The pressure is not related to the amount of chlorine in the container. Container contents can be determined accurately only by weighing." –Page 10, Section 2.8.4

CGA G-2 Manual

"Determining when cylinders are empty-Weighing. The best way to determine if an ammonia cylinder is empty is to weigh it, without cap, and compare the weight with the tare weight stamped on the cylinder." -Page 36, Section 8.9.1


These documents may not represent a complete list of regulations, recommendations or guidelines. Always consult your local agencies to determine which specific guidelines, recommendations or regulations affect your water or wastewater treatment operation.

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